Publication-Annual Environment Report   

ear:  2015: A success story LED replacement program and its impact    on GHG emission in the
                         U.T  of Puducherry 

   Year 2014:  Bio-Diversity

                       Green House Gas Inventory

                       Sacred Groves of Puducherry

                       Trend Analysis of  Ambient Air Quality of Puducherry

 Year 2009:     Slaughter House Waste

                       Hazardous Waste Management

                        Bio-Diversity in Wetlands

                        Wetland Abstracts
Year 2008:     E-Waste

                       Clean Development Mechanism

                       Special Waste

                       Electronic Waste Abstract


Year 2007:      Plastics

                        Plastics -Solid Waste Management

                        Municipal solid waste Management

                        Biography on Municipal Solid Waste Management

Year 2006:    Waste to Energy( Solid Waste Management)


                        Bio-Medical Waste Management

                       Agriculture Waste Management

  Year 2005:    Solid Waste Management