Science & Technology
Central Schemes/Projects
Linkage with other Institutions
New Initiatives

      New Initiatives of Department of Science, Technology and Environment
  •  Innovation Hub at the existing AKSC&P.

  •  Science Exposition Centre, Innovation Hub and Digital Planetarium in the Temple Town of  Thirunallar.

  •  On-line Consent Management Mechanism. 

  •  Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for U.T. of Puducherry.

  •  Coastal Zone Management Plan Maps preparation through IRS, Anna University.

  •  Restoration of Pondicherry Beach.

  •  Setting up of an Oceanarium.

  •  Rejuvenation of Tanks and Ponds under National Adaptation Fund.

  •  Implementing SAPCC targets under 7 missions by all Govt. Departments.

  •  Installation of Continuous Ambient Air quality Monitoring Stations

  •  Installation of one continuous AAQM station at Cuddalore Puducherry border through TNPCB.