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  • Issue of Consents / Authorizations / Environment and CRZ Clearances, monitoring and evaluation, issue of directions, taking cognizance of offence under Air, Water and Environment (Protection) Acts and are done.
  • Planning comprehensive programme for the prevention of pollution.
  • Advising the state government on all matters concerning the prevention of pollution and environment protection and conservation.
  • Formulation of UT specific regulations like Plastic Ban Notification.
  • Conducting studies related to prevention of pollution and environment protection and conservation.
  • Studies on coastal erosion management and formulation of coastal restoration measures through NIOT.
  • Monitoring of Environmental Quality under the two projects viz. National Air Quality Monitoring Programme (NAMP) and National Water Monitoring Programme (NWMP).
  • Creation of Environmental Awareness by celebration of World Environment Day, National Environment Month, World Ozone Day, Coastal Cleanup Day and World Conservation Day and others.
  • Green Award for Industries and Environment Award for Individuals / organizations.
  • Dissemination on Environmental Information through ENVIS website.
  • Publication of Reports, News Letters and Pamphlets.
  • Promoting sustainable industrial and building projects by installation of biogas plants, solar water heater, renewable energy measures, composting, rain water harvesting, zero waste and waste water disposal systems, utilization of treated waste water for non-potable use.
  • Continuous Emission / Effluent monitoring for 17 Category of Highly Polluting Industries.
  • Puducherry State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) was prepared by the DSTE and endorsed by MoEF& CC in July 2014.
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