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Laboratory Activities

Analytical laboratory is functioning in the Department since 1992. The activities of the laboratory includes:

  1. Ambient air quality and Stack monitoring in industries.
  2. Monitoring of industrial effluent.
  3. Noise monitoring
  4. Surface and ground water quality monitoring
  5. Monitoring on festival occasion such as Deepavali, Bhogi and Vinayagar Chathurthi (Ganesh festival)

The performance of the Laboratory in the Analytical Quality Control exercise was highly appreciated by the Central Pollution Control Board, GOI, New Delhi. Based on the analytical performance of the Staff during 1992-1995. Department’s Laboratory has been certified as one of the Tenth best performing laboratory out of 70 Laboratories in our Country.
Laboratory staff have participated in Analytical Quality Control Exercise (Air Samples) conducted by CPCB and GTZ at New Delhi in All India basis during 5th –14th , March 2001 at CPCB, New Delhi and stood at third best performing laboratory at national level.

S.No. Parameter Method Followed
1. Temperature Thermometric method
2. pH Value@25°c Electrometric method
3. Turbidity Nephlometric method
4. Dissolved Oxygen The Winkler method with Azide Modification
5. Bio chemical oxygen demand (3 days @ 27ºC) Titrimetric method
6. Nitrate nitrogen as NO3-N UV-Spectrophotometric Method
7. Nitrite nitrogen as NO2-N Colorimetric method
8. Conductivity@25°C Instrumental  method
9. Chloride as Cl Argentometirc method
10. Total Residual Chlorine Titrimetric method
11. Total Hardness as CaCO3 EDTA Titration method
12. Calcium hardness as CaCO3 EDTA Titration method
13. Magnesium hardness as CaCO3 Calculation Method
14. Alkalinity Titrimetric Method
15. Sulphate as SO4 Turbidimetric method
16. Sodium as Na Flame Emission photometric method
17. Potassium as K Flame Emission photometric method
18. Chemical Oxygen Demand Open reflex method
19. Total Dissolved solids @180°C Gravimetric method
20. Total Fixed Solids@550°c Gravimetric method
21 Phosphate as PO4 Stannous Chloride Method
22. Ammonical nitrogen as NH3-N Nesslerisation Method
23. P/R ratio Iodometric method
24. Oil & grease Partition – Gravimetric Method
25. Total Suspended Solids@105°C Gravimetric method
26 Hexavalent Chromium as Cr6+ Colorimetric method
27 Fluoride SPADNS  method

Air Samples

S.No. Parameter Method Followed
01. Respirable Particulate Matter (PM10) (RSPM) Gravimetric
02. Sulphur Dioxide (as SO2) Improved West and Gaeke Method
03 Oxides of Nitrogen (as NO2) Jacob & Hochheiser Modified Method 
  • Specification of Lab Instrument 
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