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Marine life is a vast resource, providing food, medicine, and raw materials, in addition to helping to  support  and all over the world. At a fundamental level, marine life helps to determine the very nature of our planet.

Marine organisms contribute significantly to the , and are involved in the regulation of the Earth's  are in part shaped and protected by marine life, and some marine organisms even help create new land. Many species are economically important to humans.

The knowledge regarding the relationship between life in the sea and important cycles is increasing with new discoveries being made day by day. Keeping this in view and the very existence of the seas around Puducherry, this gallery has been designed. The 300 sq. mtrs gallery is divided in five sections Marine Ecology, Marine Diversity, Marine Resources, Threats to Marine Resources, Marine Tourism.  

Did you know: Below 2000 feet the ocean is completely dark and what exists there?; that Sharks are more ancient than dinosaurs!; There are more species of life in the water than on land; Whales have two blow holes but dolphins have one; Fresh water fish cannot stay in sea water; Corals are live and they also eat!; Sea animals and birds excrete salt to get rid of extra salt that they eat or drink!..... and many more such questions wait to be explored and answered in the gallery. One can check the ocean hot spots; watch an immersive movie on oceans and the life beneath; experience the biodiversity in the waters of Puducherry etc