Puducherry Pollution Control Committee
புதுச்சேரி மாசு கட்டுப்பாடு குழுமம்


Sl. No. Date Title Document
1 08.06.2022 Guidelines for Chemical Safety Guidelines
2 January 2022 Environmental Guidelines for Poultry Farms Guidelines
3 October 2020 Guidelines for Gold Assaying and Hallmarking Centres Guidelines
4 September 2020 Updated Standard Operating Procedure SOP Certificate to Manufacturers Sellers of Compostable Plastic Carry Bags Guidelines
5 July 2020 Guidelines for Environmental Management of Dairy farms and Gaushalas Guidelines
6 17.07.2020 Guidelines for Handling, treatment and disposal of waste generated during treatment, diagnostics and quarantine of COVID-19 patients Guidelines
7 12.05.2020 Revised Guidelines for Idol Immersion ( As on 12.05.2020) Guidelines
8 08.05.2020 Strict safety precautions to be taken before resuming operation of units Guidelines
9 30.04.2020 Guidelines for Hotels and Restaurants/Motels/Banquets Guidelines
10 February 2020 Alternative Treatment Technologies for Waste Water Treatment in Drains Guidelines
11 07.01.2020 Guidelines for setting up of New Petrol Pumps Guidelines
12 18.11. 2019 Guidelines for Gold Assaying and Hall Marking Centres Guidelines
13 26.09.2019 Standard Operating Protocol for Virtual Video Conferencing Hearing in National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi Guidelines
14 13.08.2019 Guidelines for Pollution Control in Kolhus Guidelines
15 19.09.2019 Environmental Norms for Individual Establishments and the Area/Cluster of Restaurants /Hotels/Motels/Banquets Guidelines
16 September 2019 Guidelines for Environmental Management of Dairy Farms and Gaushalas Guidelines
17 June 2019 CPCB guidelines for restoration ponds, tanks & Rivers Guidelines
18 April 2018 Guidelines for Bar Code System for Effective Management of Bio-medical Waste. Guidelines
19 30.05.2018 Development of Environmental Standards and Guidelines for Hot Mix Plants Guidelines
20 19.07.2018 Notification of Air Quality Standards with respect to Noise in Airport Noise Zone Guidelines
21 March 2017 Guidelines of Environmental Management of Construction & Demolition Waste (March-2017) Guidelines
22 13.03.2017 Guidelines of Environmental Management of Construction & Demolition Waste Management in India (Draft 2017"'-CPCB's Draft Guidelines Guidelines
23 November 2017 Toolkit for implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 Guidelines
24 19.07.2017 CPCB category on Poultry Farming Guidelines
25 2016 Guidelines for Management of Healthcare Waste as per Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016. Guidelines
26 11.03.2015 Guidelines for in-use Generator sets Guidelines
27 July 2015 Protocol for Ambient Level Noise Monitoring Guidelines
28 7.12.2015 Thermal Power Plants Standards Guidelines
29 31.01.2012 Environmentally Sound Management of Mercury Waste Generated From the Health Care Facilities. Guidelines
30 June 2010 Guidelines for Idol Immersion Guidelines
31 November 2004 Guidelines for Disposal of Bio-medical Waste Generated during Universal Immunization Programme (UIP). Guidelines
32 June 2001 Noise Pollution Regulations in India Guidelines