Puducherry Pollution Control Committee
புதுச்சேரி மாசு கட்டுப்பாடு குழுமம்

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Sl. No. Name of the Form
1 Solid Waste Management Rules 2016

Form I (Application for obtaining authorisation under solid waste management rules of processing/recycling/treatment and disposal of solid waste)

Form II (Format for annual report on solid waste management to be submitted by the local body)
2 Bio - Medical Waste Management Rules 2016

Form I (Accident Reporting)

Form II (Application for Authorisation or Renewal of Authorisation

Form III (Authorisation)

Form IV (Annual Report)

Form V (Application for Filing Appeal Against Order Passed by the Prescribed authority)
3 Plastic Waste

Form I (Application for Registration for Producers or Brand Owners)

Form II (Application form for registration of units engaged in processing or recycling of Plastic Waste)

Form III (Application for registration for manufactures of plastic raw materials)

Form IV (Format of Annual Report by operator of plastic waste processing or recycling facility to local body)

Form V (Format for Annual report on Plastic waste management to be submitted by the local Body)

Form VI (Format of Annual Report for State wise status of Implementation of PWM rules, 2016)
4 Construction & Demolition Waste

Form I (Application for obtaining Authorisation)

Form II (Format for Issue of Authorisation to the Operator)

Form III (Format of Annual Report to be submitted by Local Authority to SPCB)

Form IV (Format of Annual Report to be submitted by the SPCB / Committee to the CPCB)

Form V (Accident Reporting)
7 Environment Protection Rules, 1986

Environment Statement Form - V
8 Application for Consent for Emission / Continuation of Emission under Section 21 of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution), Act, 1981.

Form - I
9 Proforma for Submitting Information for Obtaining N.O.C. from Pollution Angle.
10 Application for Consent for establishment or taking any steps for establishment Operation of industry/ /process/or any treatment/disposal system for discharge or Continuation of Discharger under Section 25 or Section 26 of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974.

Form - XIII
11. Format seeking information regarding Mechanism/ Guidelines for Control of Pollution and Enforcement of Environment Norms at Individual Establishments and the Area/Cluster of Restaurants/Hotels/Motels/Banquets etc.